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Whether you homeschool or not a lot of parents enjoy giving their children exposure to educational classes and programs offered by community museums and zoos. This is especially helpful for those who homeschool!

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Anatomy Coloring Books for older students

Today I updated one of my past posts listing the homeschool educational programs and classes offered in Ohio zoos, museums and nature centers.

One or more of these places offer adult classes too!

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I went through the links and updated them so you can find the information you need. There were a couple additional places readers shared with me so I added them to the bottom of the post.

Marine Biology Coloring Book for older students

I wanted to write this quick new post about this update so that anyone visiting the blog would be aware of this resource. If you see I am missing a zoo or museum or nature center that offers homeschool classes or programs please drop me a comment so I can add that to the list as well!

Go here to see my complete list of homeschool educational classes / programs in Ohio.

52 piece Ocean Sea Animals