Off-grid pantry planner

One of the things I’ve often thought of offering on my blog and have desired to offer is free printables.

While I’ve created some free printables over the years like parenting quotes or helpful lists – today I get to offer my readers a set of free planner pages!

This week I finished editing a set of printable planner pages that can be used for the school day, for normal household needs or to focus on personal goals for yourself, the kids individually or the family!

free daily weekly focus planner pages for goals or to structure the day

You can even set your printer to just print these in black and white if you prefer. I often do that, generally speaking, when my color ink is low or I just want to conserve it.

I also tried to center these a bit to the right so you have room to hole-punch these for a binder if you wish.

Like I said, I do have some free printables for all readers but I have started making some EXCLUSIVE printables for my newsletter subscribers!

To get this great set of daily, weekly planner pages you will need to subscribe for my weekly newsletter. But note, I don’t sell your email address and I don’t harass you with lots of emails. I try to keep them reasonably short, interesting, and of value!

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