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The coronavirus COVID19 stay home mandate has changed a lot of what use to be normal in our lives. This is one easy way you can keep fitness a priority. This is what I’m doing.

Have the closures of the gyms got you down? Maybe closure of some of the parks?

Our family is a member of the YMCA and during these COVID19 days – we can’t work out like we use to, like many of you.

When our family would make it to the Y my exercise was a mix of weight machines and about 15 minutes of heart pumping movement on an elliptical or similar machine. I would start my workout with the elliptical type of machine and then move to weights. But we would get in and out in about a half hour or less.

Now there is no gym for me.

I haven’t let that stop me from getting in some regular exercise, however. I started walking almost every day over the past weeks.

To be honest, I started walking faithfully to lower my LDL. Doctor’s orders and all that. But that is the incentive I needed to make the move to walking the neighborhood.

This also is a great way to remember to pray for my neighbors as I walk through the different streets past their homes.

This is me bundled up the other day for a walk.

Now I plan to keep walking regularly – even after the gyms reopen. I walk for about 30 minutes and try to do so at a quick step. The fresh air and sights are really good for me and I enjoy it!

Do you have a work out regimen? Did it tank due to this coronavirus stay home mandate? I want to encourage you to get out and get moving whether it’s around the block or in your home unless you’re under doctor’s orders for something. Exercise is a necessity in life!

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If walking isn’t your thing you can get some fitness equipment to use in your home. Our son has a weight bench and a punching bag that he uses. Below you’ll find some other options that might be a good fit.