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I thought I should at least put an update on my blog to let you know what I’m up to since I haven’t been blogging for months. I haven’t quit blogging- (edited to say) I am taking a break until mid July.

I’ve actually been doing a ton of “research” on topics of interest to me personally and I’d rather do that than write about stuff that most of you don’t care to read.

Writing takes more out of me and it’s not always worth the time to write when I can communicate much more quickly with less work through social media and Youtube videos. Follow me at the links below.

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My latest Grove Order and some of My FAV things

And finally

While I haven’t sent out a new newsletter in a while I do plan to get one out soon. In case you weren’t aware, I do have a list of free downloads/printables that are EXCLUSIVELY for those of you who do subscribe to receive my free newsletter. I’ll send you that password and link in my next newsletter.

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