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I’ve tried a variety of planners over the years. Do you have a favorite? You’re about to see what I’m using for each of my high school teens now that one of them is going to public school.

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Hey, hey!

Sometimes you just need to step away from something for awhile. That’s what I did with blogging this year because I was more interested in doing time-consuming things that were more of a hobby-interest of mine.

I couldn’t stay away forever though, this has been my corner on the internet since 2009 (and I was blogging on free WordPress in 2008, testing the waters first).

Goodbye to our Homeschool Club

But first, after five years of hosting a homeschool club with a different theme each year in our home with friends – covid brought it to an end and I’ve decided not to pick it up again, to our youngest’s disappointment unfortunately.

If I had elementary age kids maybe I would, but we and some of the families who did attend are now in the throes of watching our kids grow into young adults and priorities just change.

It was a great five years though and I’m so glad we did it!

How we got started creating a homeschool club in our home.

Our homeschool club the year we did Minecraft. We also did Legos, STEAM, Art/Music and Nature/Rocks/Relics.

Our oldest will finish his last year in public school.

So, after 11 years of homeschooling our oldest (BZ) wants to finish up in public school. He actually wanted to do this for his junior year but we had had a talk about making this transfer way back during his sophomore year because he wants to go into the trades vs. college and he decided he could just finish at home.

Well, sometime during the summer he voiced a desire to go to public school but it was too late in the year and my husband and I said no.

However, I told him that if he did all the work I had for him during his junior year then he could probably go the following year, which is now.

I still had things I wanted him taught or exposed to that reinforced truth before he went to a public school setting where we have little say over the things they teach. We are Bible believers, born-again Christians and God changed my heart about homeschooling 11+ years ago. I didn’t want my children to become disciples of the lost world’s ways and philosophies.

He got his work done and he’s been doing a lot of growing up as well and I’m proud of the young man he has become. Our youngest son (JZ) whom I’m also proud of, a sophomore, has no desire to go to public school so I decided that this year I would have two separate planners.

My 2 School Planners

Planners for homeschooling and organizing.

My Homeschool Planner

I decided to continue using my Happy Planner from last year (find a variety of Happy Planner products here) for this year too, it’s just so doggone pretty and it has monthly tabs extending till December 2021.

Eventually I found blank calendar refills at Walmart to finish off the 2021-2022 school year. I found the blank calendar pages not with the planners but at the end of an aisle in the office products area.

I typically don’t use planners extensively nor do I use all the inserts so I removed a bunch of pages I hadn’t used and then I had room for the refill inserts. This will continue to be my homeschooling planner to use with my youngest who is a sophomore this year. He has never been to public school whereas our oldest did public school kindergarten and then homeschooled first through eleventh grades.

My Happy Planner for homeschool.

If JZ graduates though homeschooling he will have 14 years of homeschooling accomplished. He was about four when we started our homeschooling journey.

My Public School Planner

Now, I chose a Day Designer planner that coordinates with my Happy Planner (how cute is THAT?) for keeping up with everything BZ will have going on in public school.

Speaking of keeping up… BZ had an amazing year of growing up with getting a job last year, drivers license, car, serving in our church’s VBS and going on a missions trip to Mexico with a group to encourage our missionaries who serve out there.

Mamas, they do really grow up fast – especially in the mid-teen years.

Make the most of this time!

My Day Designer planner for keeping up with my high school senior.


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