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Not only will Homeschoolers love this on-demand dance class for beginners and advanced, it’s great for anyone. Cover your physical education (PE) needs using YouDance now. See many options and read about my experience here..

In this post I share my experiences and opinions though I was compensated for my time writing it. My disclosure policy is here.

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Growing up, I was a shy girl. I went to a smallish private Christian school and was interested in being a cheerleader around middle school age. I went to the practices to prepare for try outs. Soon that big day came to have to perform…aka try out in front of the judges.

Practice was one thing. When it came to try outs, I was so scared. And, I didn’t make the cut.

I share this story because a lot of kids want to do things that they just don’t have the confidence to carry out when it comes to performing and facing a judge…like me and my cheerleading try outs.

This is why I LOVE what a subscription to YouDance offers. And, you don’t have to be a homeschooler to use it.

Learn contemporary, ballet, jazz, clogging and other dance styles in the privacy of your home.

Benefits of this Online Dance Class

YouDance was created by Courtney a homeschooling mom of three who loves dance but wanted to create a safe place for kids and beginners to learn. You’ll meet her in a couple of the videos. She said that dance helped her to gain confidence and it really brought joy to her life. Courtney wants others to have this experience, too.

It’s important to note that YouDance isn’t just for beginners. There are multiple levels to choose from as well as multiple styles of dance and different ways to learn dance. You’ll see when you get your free trial subscription here to check it out.

Another great thing about YouDance is that there are NO Ads … and no way for your kids to click into something you don’t want them to access. This can be a problem using Youtube.

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The quizzes and practice center will help you learn at your own pace and the points you earn help track your progress. Yes, you or your children will earn points just for watching lessons and taking short quizzes to check retention.

A subscription to YouDance would even make a great gift for the right person. This would be the gift of an experience that your child, teen or favorite friend would appreciate over something material.

YouDance offers ballet, jazz, contemporary, breakdancing and more.

My Experience with YouDance Contemporary

I spent some time learning about contemporary dance option racking up over 200 points. You earn points for watching the videos and taking short quizzes to see what info you retain which I think is fun and motivating.

Popular contemporary music is used in some of the contemporary dance videos that I watched so your teens will likely be familiar with some of these songs.

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From my experience of watching YouDance one instructor is featured facing a mirror so you see both the back view and their front view in some cases.

You can easily leave feedback after watching a video if you want, which is pretty cool because I saw that they used feedback to create a class giving users what they requested (see Choreography Class: Get You the Moon).

Learn to dance online with this great quality tutorial service.

On-Demand Dance Class Options

You Dance offers beginners and those with more experience (intermediate and advanced) step by step instruction to learn the dance stye of their choice in the privacy of their own homes. Dance is a fun way of exercise for many and we know it’s important for good health to keep moving.

Want to learn all the styles? They are there for the choosing! Go for it.

  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Jazz
  • Hip Hop
  • Breakdance
  • Clogging

Membership to YouDance is only $25 per month or discounted at $180 for a full year. A great deal for taking dance lessons!

Everyone who signs up gets an automatic FREE TRIAL so at the very least, sign up for the free trial to try it out.

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