Off-grid pantry planner

Do you struggle to keep track of all the little details that come with being a professional blogger and social media influencer? For many, a really good detailed planner can help us stay on track. If this is you, I think I can help you today.

I had the opportunity to try out a new blog and social media planner. I did receive this free in exchange for my honest reviews. The If Not NOW When? Blog & Social Media Planner was created by a fellow homeschooling, blogging mom.

I will link you right to the planner where you can check it out as well.

Using my link may keep my own coffee mug full at no extra cost to you. My disclosure is at the top of this page.

This planner comes with much detail and yet it doesn’t feel heavy. The overall color scheme is gold and black inside and out and easy on the eyes.

I really like that for all the details it covers it doesn’t make me feel overburdened. While I have reason to keep track of many details surrounding my online business, to be honest, I don’t do this consistently. However, this planner does remind me of what details I have to keep track of and then it’s on me if I want to record the stats. Thanks, Laura!

Let’s talk about what this planner offers.

I won’t be sharing a lot of pictures. I will go through much of what this blog & social media planner includes.

This particular planner gives me a 2023 and 2024 calendar in the beginning so I can keep track of the day/dates.

Next, there is a month by month list of Social Media Holidays to stay aware of. This is great for when you are wanting to create content relevant to what is going on in the world without having to research all the different topics.

Then you have a yearly profit by month page for tracking expenses, income and profit.

A page with a Blog Overview with the months in block form follows.

A section to keep track of your newsletter and social media subscriber counts broken down by month, which is helpful.

Now we get into the actual monthly sections. Each month has a block dated calendar with space for you to fill in.

Next you have about six or seven Blog Post Planner pages like you just get a little peek-see in my picture above. It’s the page to the left, in the image.

The page on the right is the Blog Stats page for the month. That page is mostly featured in that image above. You get an idea for detail there.

Lastly, you get a couple pages with lines for posting ideas and notes.

Now, I’m assuming every month offers the same! I’m not going through every page to check.

I have been using this planner but don’t want to show my stats and such. That’s a bit personal, you know 🙂 . I also don’t use every page as I’m not blogging as much as I use to. I actually spend a lot more time working on creating workbooks and such which you can check out at my Amazon author page here.

At the end of this planner is a QR code to scan with your phone that takes you to her blog, I believe, where you can get free tabs for this planner and see her other planners.

If you like what you see here and want to check out all of her stuff head on over to Monkey and Mom Homeschool today.