Yeah, Beta fish. (This post contains my affiliate links.) You might want to pick one up for your kid for Christmas, a birthday, or just for a pet. You know, instead of a puppy.  Our 6 yr old wanted a fish. I wanted him to have a fish too. 


I thought he might learn some responsibility.


Why Beta Fish make good pets for kids.

Earlier this year I picked up a couple goldfish at Walmart and they didn’t last very long. We might have gotten a few days- maybe three days for the first fish; then, the other passed on to better seas not long thereafter.


Next attempt, the Beta. Some Beta fish are beautiful! I found a couple at a real pet store and got one for each of our boys. Of course Beta’s have to be separated or they’ll fight, so I’m told. I have seen the bully-like-stare that seems to happen when they meet fish to fish (their tanks are side by side).


I do keep them separated…but I’ll admit, the last time time I was cleaning out their fish tanks I wondered what a Beta Fish fight would look like. I was tempted to put them in the same dish to witness it firsthand. Don’t worry, I didn’t 😉


Why Beta Fish make good pets for kids.

This Beta fish, not so pretty.


So, why do I think Beta Fish make good pets ? Well, I can tell you it isn’t because they automatically guarantee to teach “responsibility”. That’s the parent’s responsibility. There are books on how to care for Beta Fish available, too.


Here’s what I like about Beta fish.

  • Beta fish are more interesting to look at. Some are kinda pretty-at least compared to goldfish.
  • Betas somehow manage to keep their tanks pretty clean, longer than the goldfish did. Way longer! This translates into less tank cleaning for mom.
  • The fact that beta fish are pretty hardy fish make them a good pet for kids, too. So far ours have lasted since Sept 30th in a tap water tank (no filter). And, I don’t boil the water first. I try to do a somewhat lukewarm/cool tap water. (But you might want this for an office desk set up.)
  • Our Beta Fish have personality. I don’t know if they all do or if we just got *ahem, lucky? They seem to look at us when its time to feed them. Its our cue to question: who fed the fish last and when? Kinda weird maybe, but its entertaining. Makes them a bit more part of the family I think.


And, that about sums it up.


Oh wait, one more! They’re cheap and easy to care for- however, you may want to spend more on a really nice looking tank or one with a filter.


Now I’m done!


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