Update on my $35 budget after week 1.

I told you here at this post that I was going to try to budget $35 a week for our groceries and household items.

We are one week into the new year and I want to tell you how I’m doing and how I’m doing it. Will I be able to keep a $35 a week budget? Only time will tell. I’m saving my receipts so I can keep better accountability (which includes reporting back to you here at the blog). You will see I share some of what I bought, I won’t always tell you every little thing.

I spent / bought:

1/1/11    Acme:      $14.50

{15 cans of Campbell’s soups (mainly Tomato) & 12 cans of Starkist Tuna & 2 boxes of Ronzoni Smart Thin Spaghetti.  Why? The soup and tuna was all  $ .50 a can and I had a coupon for 2 boxes of Ronzoni making it .75 a box!

1/2/11   Walmart : $13.06

Using coupons for FREE product I received Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce and my bottle of Purex Crystals for free, pd .91 for bananas.  I did spend about $12 on Christmas decorations (especially for table settings and centerpieces) for next year.  Why? This was important to me and since it as 75% off I took advantage.

My "after-Christmas" bargains for home decor and table settings.

1/2/2011 Marc’s:      $3.96 {2 packs of Echrich Sausage (Kielbasa type stuff)}.

1/7/11  Beuhler’s: $14.53

{10# tube of 100% Angus 80% lean hamburger at $1.49 per pound}. Our Beuhler’s is back to their daily deals and this is great meat at an even better price ONLY available on Fridays. I’ve watched hamburger prices and I can’t ever recall seeing any deals this low. It has to be bought in aprx. 10 # packages. I plan to stretch this 10#s over the next 3 weeks or so. And thats “Why”  😉 .

*Side note for the locals: Our Beuhler’s at Noble’s Pond is DOUBLING coupons on Sundays only and check the weekly ad for what the special of the day is.  I think Tuesdays milk will be .79 half gallon again, limit 5.

1/7/11  Giant Eagle: $10.32

{3 cans of Pillsbury Crescent dough with sale & coupon was $1.30 each , 3  /4-packs of Snack Pack Pudding with sale & coupon was  $ .60 each pack), Colgate Sensitive Toothpaste with coupon was $2.49}.  Why? I plan to use the crescent dough for some really tasty ham & cheese sandwiches and maybe Chicken Puffs. I’ll share those recipes with you later 😉 . I need special toothpaste now for sensitivity and its not cheap stuff. I usually buy Sensodyne and if you do too, you know how NOT cheap it is. I consider $2.49 a real deal for sensitive toothpaste.  ***Giant Eagle is the only store I know of that Doubles Coupons up to .99 every day!

1/7/2011    Hostess Outlet: $7.93

{4 loaves of Nature’s Pride bread 100% Whole Wheat Oven Classics, 1 pack of hot dog buns, 2 boxes of small donuts (.99 cent sale)- and bonus: we got a free pack of rolls they were giving away.  Why? At Hostess you can get a buyer’s card and receive stamps for every $2 spent. Then redeem when your card is full. You can find “healthier for you” bread cheaper like $1.29 each, the donuts were  $ .99 a box (reg.price for one was over $3). The plan is to stretch all of this at least 3 wks…till the end of the month.

1/7/2011   Walmart:      $37.69 aprx. $22.oo

Basics like butter, milk,  toilet paper, etc.  AND a mixer for about $16 because mine died before Christmas- after 8 1/2 yrs. Did one final check before breaking out the new one and mine IS working AGAIN. I’ll be returning this new one 😉


$85.90 -$12.00 Christmas decor and $16.00 Mixer =

$73.90  used  for grocery/household

Why? Appliances aren’t really part of my intention for “grocery/household” and neither are incidental purchases like 75% off Christmas decor.  So I will go with $74 used out of my January budget of  $140  (4 whole weeks x $35).

I have $66.00 left for the month  if I keep my $35/ week grocery/household budget.  I definitley need a Menu  PLAN! Today I worked on a plan to break down our dinners into a different theme per night and then within each theme I will have a list of choices…more on that in another post. I’m still working on it 😉

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  1. Wow that’s amazing!! Thanks for sharing. I need motivation to save more money this year and you made it look easy.

  2. That is very inspiring. Maybe I will create a challenge for my family too. See how far we can make it stretch. How fun!

  3. Wow! I’ve been feeling the need to cut our weekly grocery budget but I have no idea how to start (since we already coupon). I’ll definitely be following your adventures and try to apply it to our shopping as well. Thanks so much! (Oh, I came by from the HHH)

  4. I need to cut down on our grocery budget too. Good deal on the ground beef! We buy lean ground turkey because I’m not really supposed to have ground beef very often and it’s usually cheaper anyway. Nobody noticed anything different when I changed over so I’ve just kept it that way, lol! Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

  5. What a great idea! It sounds like you have a great plan and are doing well!

    Mrs. White



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