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How I re- organized my small homeschool room: before and after pictures with video tour.

I shared my organized homeschool room in this post about 2-3 months ago. It didn’t last.

It looked like this about a week ago (see below): here’s the end of the small room where my desk sits…

And here’s the other end of the room…


Then, not knowing what to do to make it functional and less burdensome because, lets face it, this is depressingand there is only so much you can do with a room thats about 9′ x 16′ in size…

I prayed…

I started moving things around…

I threw things out…

I  reorganized…

I multi-tasked, moving things while talking on the phone to my friend Patty ;) She was “there” when I tried to take a shortcut by moving a shelf with things still on it- those things fell off - So much for the “short-cut”.

And within a couple days or so, this is the result.

Here’s by the my desk, which is near the kitchen…

And the other end of the room . . .

But to really appreciate the strange arrangement, you should view my short video tour below. If you’re reading this in email you will need to click through to the blog. I love this set up, for now at least! Time will tell how functional it will be, but it feels great right now.

I love it!

…for now anyways ;)

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Tracy Zdelar

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  1. Very nice…you did a great job reorganizing! And….I must add, your students sure are cute!

  2. I personally think you did awesome with the space you were given. Do you guys homeschool in there as well? You have inspired me to get off of my bum and really get going on our homeschool room. Perhaps not that it is getting colder outside I will have more time inside to work on it. Right?

    • Computer work would be about the only schooling that happens in there. We use the living room and dining room mostly for working ;) Now you’ll have to post pictures of your before and after, right? ;)

  3. You did an amazing job of transformtion. It’s hard sometimes, as a homeschool mom, to find the time. New follower.

  4. Wow! What an incredible transformation! Your “new” room is so cheerful looking. The green walls and curtains are especially cheery and I hadn’t even noticed them before. The power of de-cluttering is amazing. Thanks for linking up!

  5. Congrats! This post was the #3 most clicked link on Homeschooling on the Cheap the past week. Thank you for linking up. Stop in and link up some more ideas!


  6. I think this is awesome!


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