I made some worksheets to help my homeschooled son memorize all 50 USA States, capitals and abbreviations recently and I wanted to share these with you, too! I am using my affiliate links in this post.


In addition to memorizing these he is also reading his way through Fifty States, All You Need to Know. This and other living books (books on real people and events in American history) are the bulk of his history/geography curriculum at the moment. He actually picked out this book at a curriculum sale – I think he got it for free. It’s a very beautiful book!


In the past we’ve watched the Liberty’s Kids series on dvd for American history. At this very moment I’ve got a Liberty’s Kids giveaway going on at this link.


USA Geography Free Printables (States, Abbreviations & Capitals)


Download and print this free printable of the 50 USA States, abbreviations and capitals.list for studying. There is room to practice writing out the state names on this sheet, that’s what my son did. You can follow upĀ  with the quiz at the link below.

Download and print this free printable USA Quiz sheet to test your child’s retention.

Find more free printables from me here!

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