There are many gift-giving occasions in our lives from birthdays to anniversaries to Christmas and everything in between, right? And yet how many of us still struggle to come up with great gift ideas to give our family and friends?


I know that’s me. And, while a list of gift ideas or a gift catalog in the mail can expand our gift idea options, I know a lot of us depend on hearing from loved ones what it is they personally would love to have as a gift.

Welcome to the HOFM Gift Guides

I have curated gift lists below to help you find the perfect gift for your loved ones. See my gift guide for kids, gift guide for her and gift guide for him at these links or click the images below. Find gifts for boyfriends, gifts for girlfriends, gifts for grandparents, gifts for children and other loved ones below!



Gift Guide for Children

Don't miss this Gift Guide for Kids (gifts for children)!

Click this image for a list of curated gifts for kids!


Gift Guide for Her

Don't miss this Gift Guide for Women - (gifts for her)! Click here.

Click this image to see a list of curated gifts for women!


Gift Guide for Him

Don't miss this Gift Guide for Men - (gifts for him)! Click here.

Click this image to see a list of curated gifts for men!


Gift Guides for the Cleveland Indians & Cleveland Cavs Fans

From Hall of Fame Moms’ sister-blog, 1000 Things Ohio, I have a Cleveland Indians’ Fan Gift Guide and a Cleveland Cavs’ Fan Gift Guide. Check them out at those links!

Find AMAZING Gifts for Family with these GIFT GUIDES

If you know of something AWESOME that should be added, because it’s just that great, do me a favor and tell me about it in the comments so I can check it out for myself. Thanks! It might just get added to this gift guide.


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Tracy Zdelar

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