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I have to share this with all my fellow technically-challenged blogger friends. You know that really cool thing you see on some blogs…the little mysterious box with the scrolly that holds the code that allows reader to just copy/paste your button onto their site? Well, I really don’t know what its called either. But I found a fellow blogger who spilled the goods about how to make one and better yet…(alas, some of us are code-illiterate) she made it so we could just copy/paste the code into our widgets or posts!

So kudos to All About Kimberly for making it so simple to have something so cool on our blog too! There are a couple different ways this trick pans out. I prefer putting the code into the text widget of my sidebar. You can also put it on a post or page and it seems to look different when you do it. But its your choice either way. I like the scrolly box myself.

Thank you a hundred times over, Kimberly!


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Tracy Zdelar

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