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Do you love the fancy-shmancy drinks at Starbucks (like me)? Going to Starbucks is a splurge and something that doesn’t happen with much frequency due to the cost of those well beloved drinks! One day I decided to experiment with my coffee and the result tasted almost exactly like Starbuck’s Carmel Macchiato – at least as I could recall it tasting.

Warning: I’m not much of a measurer.  So you have to guess at how much of each ingredient you need (make to taste). I just used ingredients I already had on hand.

  • A cup of  Colombian brewed coffee (use whatever you like).
  • About 2 Tablespoons of Smucker’s Carmel Ice Cream Topping (make to taste).
  • Coffee-Mate liquid original coffee cream.

Pour a cup of coffee, stir in the carmel topping so it dissolves evenly then add your creamer. I then poured it into a taller glass and enjoy! IF you like it cold, dump in some ice cubes!

You might like some apples slices dipped in this super simple 2-ingredient apple dip while you’re sipping your diy carmel drink!


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