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One thing I do respect and believe in is that everyone has to decide for himself/herself what they believe when it comes to God. I personally believe the bible to be God’s word and that God cannot lie. Therefore, I believe that I must be born-again as Jesus says in John chapter 3. That, as a sinner (Romans 3), I cannot go to heaven, I cannot know God- unless I accept what He did for me on the cross as the final payment for my sins.


I must receive … His gift.


His gift of …forgiveness (because I have sinned).


His gift of eternal life (eternal life starts now in knowing Him and goes on for eternity with Him in heaven). John 3:16


I do believe that NO one,   n.o. o.n.e.,    can make ANYone , a Christian. If you’ve succeeded in making someone a “Christian” – you’ve probably just made them “religious”.


And there’s a difference.


Being religious is not the same as being a Christian, though there are alot of people who think that way. Being a Christian is to have been redeemed by God through the blood of Jesus Christ (God in flesh who humbled himself to be born as a human so he could live a perfect, sinless life and then die for our sins on the cross only to rise again having conquered death and sin). The bible says that God is not only loving and merciful but that He is a judge of  justice and holy. Look at it this way. If someone killed your child and stood before the judge in court to answer for his crime and  said…”well, I’m sorry. I won’t do it  again, I promise.” And the judge said…”I believe ya. Your free to go.”  What would you think about that judge? Was he “just”? Was justice served?  I’ll answer that for you…NO. That would not be a “just” judge.


God is loving and merciful but He does require that justice be served because we have all broken His law, the 10 commandments. The bible says that if we have broken just one of them- we are as guilty as if we’d broken them all.  Jesus Christ paid for our sins by dying on the cross. If we don’t accept that by repenting of our sins and trusting in what Christ did for us on the cross then we are left with one other choice. To pay for our sins – ourself. And that means being separated from God forever, for eternity in a place called Hell.


And so, I do believe that it is “my” responsibility as a believer in Christ to tell everyone I can that Jesus died for you and conquered death and sin and that through faith in Him you will…


1.   Be forgiven of all your sins…past, present, future.
2.   Become a new creature in Him. Old things are past, all things become new…
3.   Have access to God, Himself! No such thing as having to go through a priest or anyone else. You can talk to him whenever, where ever, about whatever…and He hears and answers prayers!
4.   Spend eternity in heaven with God after death.


Whatever you decide to believe doesn’t change the fact that I care about you, my readers. I don’t ask you to become a Christian for me…I just want you to know that real hope lies in the truth and that truth has a name…Jesus Christ.


I care about what people believe, but then again, I don’t in that I accept my friends  just the way they are…whatever you believe is your business. You believe in what you want. I’m not trying to force anyone to become a Christian. But keep this in mind…some people think as long as we all sincerely believe in “whatever” that everything is ok. Truth is…if we lined up everything we all believed, we’d see there are a ton of contradictions and my God and some of those other gods couldn’t coexist.


I just want to share these free resources with you so you can do some checking for yourself. You owe it to yourself to do so.  You know, statistics show that 10 out of 10 people will die.


If you just have questions about eternity, maybe you can’t get over the “theory” of evolution or there are some other “reasonings” that you have that you just don’t have answers for how about requesting your free copy of Mark Cahill’s book One Heartbeat Away by clicking here. I’ve already received my free copy and have started reading it- and they don’t bug you with emails. I got my book in just a couple days or so and don’t think I’ve ever received one email from them. I found out about this book after I started reading his other book One Thing You Can’t Do In Heaven. Another very good book.


Finally, if you are wanting to learn more about the bible I would encourage you to click here to take advantage of the free mp3 downloads and study notes from First Baptist Church of Jackson. You can listen to the exact sermons we are sitting in on Sunday mornings.  This is the church we go to so I can really verify for you that you will be getting the goods from this place! Click on “messages” and see whats being offered online. As I type this out we are studying through Ephesians on Sundays mornings.


I want to leave you with these final thoughts. I know where I’m going when this life ends, do you? I know the God of the universe, personally. He’s heard me, answered my prayers (not always giving me “my” way, though). Every day I can experience real peace inside that only He can give. I trust Him to guide me and He does through His Word and His Spirit… do you have this? You can.


I welcome questions too. I can provide more scripture to back up what I believe. Just ask 😉

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