Off-grid pantry planner

Okay, so you remember this mess I shared with you a few days (or weeks) ago? (Just saw the date on the photo, my how time flies!) This was Jack’s bedroom around the first of the year. He’s since been move into the same room as his big brother. This became a “catch-all” room, sort of like the infamous “junk drawer”.


Well, look at it now. How’s this for improvement!


Well, I think its a  BIG improvement and its now the toy room. Well, and some other things are in there…


but the point is…its now a playroom. Its not exactly done, but it looks a lot better and the boys’ toys are there and they have room to play. And the paint was a mistint I’d picked up at Walmart months ago for another room. I think it looks great in here though.  Its not exactly yellow…its more like butterscotch or spicey brown mustard. I LIKE it!

Maybe the boys will let ME play in there too!