Off-grid pantry planner



My mom started this for the women of our family…daughters and daughter in-laws. She figured “Moms” usually get the shaft at Christmas time while making sure everyone else is taken care of so now we make sure each other is taken care of 😉 .


This is a really fun tradition, we’ve been doing it for about 3 years now.


We draw names at Christmas time (and don’t tell anyone who you picked, its a secret!) and then for the following year we send cards or gifts to our Secret Sister. We even have a special blog to communicate as needed. Everyone can post anonymously. That way we know if something should be showing up in the mail or if our SS has received her gift. We can also post our wishlist there.


At the end of the year we have a get-together and exchange a stocking full (or box, etc) with about 10 gifts and eat good food and just fellowship and laugh. It gets pretty loud. I have a big family. And this is just the women I’m talking about.


We take turns opening one gift at a time around the table so everyone can enjoy seeing what each person receives.




And eat more food 😉 .


Brownie Smores

This year I thought the Brownie Smore’s was pretty cool looking so I took a picture of it. My sister made this…well, one of them, I have 5 and 3 sister-in-laws. Did I tell you it gets loud? Yeah, I’ll share about our “whole family” Christmas party later.


Secret Sisters

What’s your favorite family traditions?