Off-grid pantry planner

Just a reminder to keep the people, visitors and rescue workers in Haiti in all of our thoughts and prayers. Time is running out for survivors still buried and loved ones are missing.  Donations are being accepted in a number of places, be careful who you donate too but donate if you can. Even if its one dollar. A thousand donors of $1 = $1000. That’ll buy a lot of water or food.  Above all else, pray for all involved. Below are some resources about how you can help Haiti either with money or no money.

I have already donated money, however,  I just learned from a source that other bloggers are offering to donate money for every comment left on their blog . I think thats a great idea! You may not be able to donate money and I for sure can’t donate very much but  I will donate .10 cents for every  “family-friendly” comment up to $7 worth (since I’ve already donated money prior to this offer) of comments.

How to help Haiti when you have no money.

And while you’re at it, remember to pray for our military every day!

Remember, leave a comment  on any post on my blog as I said above and I will donate .10 cents for each one up to $7.00. And to visit any of the other  bloggers offering to donate  per comment Click Here- its amazing!