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I recently took the advice of my die-hard friends who coupon to get rainchecks from Giant Eagle (again). I’m so glad I took the time to do it.  I’ve asked for rainchecks a couple of times over the past several months and it has paid off!

It was only maybe a week or so ago that Giant Eagle had these 2 pack giant paper towels by Marcal on sale for $2 a pack and I had a few coupons for $2 off and several more for $1.50 off. Likewise the Blistex lip balm was on sale $1 a pack and I had coupons for$1 off 2. I picked up rainchecks making sure to ask for a larger quantity than I probably needed-( I could always choose to buy less, but couldn’t add to it later).  When the sales ended, the stock increased (go figure).  Aside from any sales tax I owed here is what that picture above cost me:

6 packs of Blistex Lip Balm  .50 each = $3.00 (raincheck for sale price  & coupons)

3 packs of giant 2 roll packs of Marcal paper towels (6 rolls)=  FREE (raincheck for sale price & coupons)

6 packs of giant 2 roll packs of Marcal paper towels (12 rolls)=   $3.00  (raincheck for sale price & coupons)

2 boxes of 40ct Snuggle dryer sheets  ( priced at $1.99 and I had 2 /$2 off coupons) = FREE

16 cans of Cambells Chicken Noodle/Tomato Soups on sales + coupons = .40 x16 = $6.40

plus $1.82 in sales tax…

Total $14.22  -for 18 rolls of giant paper towels, 16 cans of soup, 80 dryer sheets and 6 lip balms.

So, how much did using rainchecks save me? Well as I can recall  (before sales tax) the Marcal towels were $3.69 per pack I bought $33.21 worth , the Blistex were $1.49 each and I bought  $8.94 worth…total $42.15. I guarantee you I wouldn’t have bought all of that at those prices. Rainchecks allowed me the affordability to stock up!! And I was just talking about the 2 products I used rainchecks for…I saved so much using coupons for the other things as well.

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