Off-grid pantry planner

MoneySavingMom and LifeAsMom sponsored an online Freezer Cooking Day. It just turned out to be great timing for me.

I had just bought extra whole chickens and many pounds of hamburger on sale- besides all the already cooked turkey and ham I had in the freezer.  This was just what I needed to get me motivated. I’m using my affiliate links and may earn a few cents at no cost to you. It helps support this blog, thank you.

Most of what I made was used without recipes. I substituted some ingredients for what I had on hand.

My Freezer Cooking Meal Menu

  • Spaghetti sauce with meat.
  • Chili (in the slow cooker now)
  • Shredded turkey w/ cream of mushroom soup
  • BBQ shredded turkey for sandwiches ( in slow cooker now)
  • Turkey pot pie casserole w/ crescent dough crust (just top layer)


Last night I made a new soup using up some of my frozen chicken stock, frozen chopped cabbage & shredded zucchini, frozen shredded turkey and a few potatoes cut up and it was delicious. We had it for dinner and then I put some in the freezer.

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Now not only is my freezer full, but my sink is full of dirty dishes. Find more inspiration for meal planning here.


Thank you to my sponsors:

Tiny Dimples,  DIY Shoppe Designer,  Kirsten of Tupperware