Off-grid pantry planner

This is Part One of a, well, at least three-part series. I’m simply breaking things up into  posts about what items I’ve given a new purpose to in my own home, particularly my kitchen, bath and bedroom.

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Before you go throwing out your “old” stuff, consider whether it might find new meaning when given  a new purpose. Afterall, people furnish or decorate their home with expensive antiques or even reproductions so…what about those old crocks sitting in the garage?

I really like the look and feel of crocks and here’s what I do with mine in the kitchen…

  • The small one is for hamburger grease, the larger brown  one holds tea bags and then lots of cooking utensils fill the large white pot. And they all fit nicely right here…

  • And because you can never have enough wooden spoons while you’re kids are young and mischievous  – I found this Pfaltzgraf crock (and a bag of wooden spoons) at the Salvation Army store one day. Now I don’t have to worry about misplacing my spoons 😉

Something else I use in my kitchen that I bought for maybe 40 cents at the Salvation Army (they have half off most everything every Wednesday, by the way)…

  • that long white (magnetic!) flat curtain rod (I think thats what it is). It hangs nicely on a couple nails and now I have another option to staying organized. I put this rod under my cork boards.
  • Then there is the book shelf I got (used) that tries to keep me a little bit more organized.

Okay, so this wall doesn’t look so “hot” and  I see I’ve  hung one of my boards unequally and its been hanging there for a long time .  Just keeping it real, folks.

  • Since its in the picture too, lets talk about that nice big sturdy basket next to my bookshelf.  I think it held toys for while, now it holds a big bag of cat food. Want to see the rest?

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