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Cynthia is owner of, a shoe bronzing company that does more than baby shoes…think ballerina slippers for example. March 31st Cynthia will be drawing a winner to give away a baby shoe bronzing package worth up to $255! She does this twice a year from her website. Everyone who enters the drawing will receive a coupon for extra savings as well.

Cynthia wants YOU to know a few things about the quality of her shoe bronzing.  Here’s what she told me…

“I know there are cheaper prices than mine out there. Their retail prices are cheaper than my actual cost, so there is nothing I
can do to compete with them based on price. Where I can compete is Quality.

I know that I have the lowest prices for the company I represent. I’ve had clients call me, who paid more than 2 times
my prices for the same EXACT product.

My caution is that all bronzers are NOT the same. On my shoe bronzing page I have things to look for when purchasing shoe bronzing:
I have redone shoes that were done with those cheaper companies because the customer was dissatisfied with the results. (plastic base, you can still squeeze the shoe the metal is so thin, satisfaction guarantee vs. lifetime warranty).”

To learn more about what winning a baby shoe bronzing package and seeing everything ChicksandCubs sells just visit Cynthia’s website by clicking here!