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A twist on french toast- add pumpkin and molasses!

I hadn’t realized (or did I forget?) that MoneySavingMom was doing a link up for this again!  I was already planning to do some freezer cooking (see one of my other freezer cooking days).

Here are the few thing I’m planning to be stocking the freezer with this week:

  1. 1-  lasagna with wheat pasta and meat sauce

2- bagging up fresh fruits and vegies for my yummy healthy smoothies! I will be experimenting with carrots and pineapple this time too

3- pumpkin molasses french toast sticks! I made these today already I tweaked a recipe I’ll share later into the one I made today. So the ingredients are not all the same, nor is the cooking method and I REALLY like my version better 😉  I’ll share my recipe later.

4- ham & potato soup

If you want to join in on the fun check out MoneySavingMom’s post here. If you’re blogging about it you may want to add your link when she has that post up too.

I’ll try to post pictures and more info after I make the other items too!