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Have you heard of ZenniOptical?  I haven’t bought glasses through them…yet, but I just may be doing it soon. My husband, my kindergartner and myself all wear glasses for different reasons. Our insurance covers one free pair a year. My son was effective in getting his cracked and maybe scratched in less than 2 months  maybe.  Mine appear to have a scratch in them and I would not be surprised if my husband’s have a problem or two (because of the way he sets them down and where he leaves them unprotected).  I know that because I’ve never bought prescription eyeglasses like this before I’ve been reluctant to try it. However, after reading THIS article about one person’s experience using ZenniOptical I am encouraged to step out of my comfort zone and consider purchasing extra frames from them.

I just checked out their site and they have complete eyeglasses starting at $8.00 and shipping and handling is ONLY $4.95 per order, regardless of how many pairs you order!  They have women’s fashion frames, men’s classic, sunshade models and pure titanium- just to name a few.

The economy is bad enough without having to struggle to see or read clearly because you can’t afford eyeglasses! If you need eyeglasses, do yourself a favor and check out how ZenniOptical can save you money. Search their frames and prices, get your prescription AND measurements from your eye exam provider and then order your glasses from ZenniOptical.

I hope this post helps someone. Have you used ZenniOptical before or could you use a service like this?