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When I was pregnant with Brendan I received a really nice book as a baby shower gift. God’s Little Devotional Book for Moms by Honor Books, Inc. (Thanks Mary Clare 😉 ). Lately I’ve been reading the short inspirational stories in it and came across one that I just decided to make as my Top 10 Tuesday post.

I really believe that praying in detail for our children, husbands and others is vital in life. Vital to “their” lives, yes, but prayer changes the one doing the praying also.  This particular short story I read gave 10 points we should consider praying about for our children.  I didn’t realize there were 10 things until I wrote them out  (they weren’t numbered).  I’ll  share the list with you here in black font and the tweaking I gave them in blue.

Ways to pray for your children:

1- For their physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

2- An abiding sense of safety and security. Hedge of protection from all harm.

3- Courage to face the problems of each day.

4- A calm spirit to hear the voice of the Lord.

5- A willingness to obey. To obey God, us-their parents and authority in general.

6- A clear mind, both to learn and to recall.

8- Wise teachers, mentors and counselors.

9- Unshakable self-worth and personal dignity.

10- Eternal salvation and a home in heaven one day. Being saved IS eternal (though it starts immediately here on earth) and automatically includes a home in heaven- they are unseparable! We are a new creature in Christ right away 🙂   Are you saved?

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