Off-grid pantry planner

NOTE: I’m done taking applications for this free promo event. Stay tuned for the series to start in June 😉

If you are on my Hall of Fame Moms Facebook page, now called a “Like” page vs. “Fan” page, then you were among the group that I shared with about this upcoming  “free promo event” opportunity. This showcasing is meant to be a summer series at my blog…but not the only summer series I want to do. The other, I’m still working on.

I am going to showcase women, moms or not, who are doing something to earn money from home or their own business outside the home. It can be a licensed business, a service business, or as simple as making quilts to sell on Etsy or Ebay and anything (legal and ethical) in between 😉

Besides trying to earn some money for myself through my blog my heart is with the women who are also striving to make an income from home so they can be free to be a wife and mom first. I know this is not necessarily every self-employed working woman’s goal but I’m including any woman who is doing any kind of income producing work either from home or who is self-employed in their own business.

If you are interested in being “showcased” in a blog post here at Hall of Fame Moms I need you to fill out />this short survey and subscribe for my email or RSS updates. I haven’t decided yet how many women I’ll showcase yet. Don’t assume I won’t pick you based on the survey questions. These are meant to help me understand more about ya’ll.

So get going! I plan to get the party started in June 🙂