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Brendan found this woolly bear caterpillar in April in our shed. He named him Hairyee šŸ˜‰

They were so cute together.Ā  Hairyee was pretty active I thought, for a caterpillar that is.

And then four days later Hairyee spun himself a cocoon on a pinecone we had in his little house.

I wasn’t sure Hairyee would make it out alive and I hesitated to cover the opening of the bottle-house we put him in.

And then…

Last night I heard a noise and there was Hairyee, flying in the house!

See the little hole in his cocoon above?Ā  Here’s Hairyee on my hand below.

Not a woolly bear anymore…he’s a big Tiger Moth now.

I estimate it took about 2.5 wks for Hairyee to emerge from his cocoon.

We set him free this morning, out the window…just in time to see a baby bird’s open mouth stick outĀ  above the nest.

The eggs have hatched and we have baby birds now.Ā  I plan to share that pic on Wednesday!

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