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My name is Lisa Falduto and I am the owner of Paper Fashions Boutique.  I decided to start Paper Fashions Boutique out of a love for paper crafts in order to inspire crafters to keep creating.  I also wanted to be able to work from home doing what I love so I can be available to my daughter. My parents also owned a very successful business while I was growing up and they have inspired me to break out on my own just as they did!


Paper Fashions Boutique is a website where you can purchase pre-designed and distinctive scrapbook project kits.  Each kit comes with supplies and step by step instructions to complete the project.  When kits sell out for the month then you can purchase the instructions individually.  My goal is to have my kits be special, with special touches and character that you cannot find in other kits.


This business has given me confidence in my ability to start something I can call my own.  I’ve already grown in new and exciting directions!  I’m starting out small and I want to continue to grow my business as my customer base grows.

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