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Update: I’ve switched from using the product below to using instead just plain White Vinegar. White Vinegar is much cheaper and you can get alot for your money. I pay about $2.37 for a decent size at Walmart (maybe a gallon).

Say it with me… yeee-uck!

Yep, that there is what my dishwasher was doing to my dishes a couple weeks or so ago.  And silly-ole me wasn’t sure why. We do have hard water, but we also have a water softner system….which sometimes we neglect by not keeping filled with salt ;(  Hard water is not good for your appliances…and not good for your dishes either.

While shopping one day I was checking out the dishwasher soap aisle at Walmart and found something called Lemi-Shine. The bottle showed a “before” and “after” picture of a dish and I sure recognized the “before”. I bought it and some Cascade detergent (I was using a generic brand prior).

After following the directions on the Lemi-Shine bottle (and keep in mind I had changed to using Cascade detergent as well)…this is what I found…

Yay, Me!

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