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When you travel far from home do you enjoy staying at hotels or do you prefer another type of accommodation?  I personally do like a nice hotel, doesn’t have to be expensive- just nice, clean, comfy. I do not care for motels…just sayin’. Someone wants you to know about mill valley hotels. Now I had to do a little looking for them because I’ve never heard of them. After checking out their website I can honestly say I would definitely be interested in staying at one!  Alas, it appears they are located near the western coast (San Francisco, Portland, Seattle,  Los Angeles, etc) and I am just here, in Ohio. But if I ever get over that way, I will now know the name 😉

I think the three amenities that are most important to me when it comes to a hotel would be… a nice pool, a family-friendly restaurant in-house, and I’d like a coffee maker in my room please. I don’t have a laptop so I don’t need the wifi. But what about you? What are the three things that make a hotel experience pleasurable for you?

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