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“A day in my life as a mom-blogger”…

We are not so much of a “schedule” type  family but rather a “routine” family. My day may bore you- just writing about it bores me. It varies a bit but here are the highlights.

My day usually starts around 7:30am – give or take {I’d like to get up earlier but doggone it, I’m sooo tired!}.  My husband leaves for work shortly thereafter, the boys are usually at least a little awake and they feel they “must” be at the window or door to wave good-bye. If they miss him I get to deal with the cries and tears.

I get my shower, eat breakfast and get some coffee usually, do my bible reading/writing somewhere in there and check emails, etc on the computer. The boys are probably playing by this time.  They don’t like to eat right away, but I do eventually feed them 😉

I am a first-time homeschooling mom now and sometimes we work on educational stuff even though its summer.

Later we may run errands or the boys may play in the back yard.  It just depends.

Because I do a lot of online stuff related to blogging, social networking and just staying in touch with people – I am on the computer frequently throughout the day. The computer is within easy reach so I can be cooking and hop on Facebook or while the kids are playing I can be working on the next blog post.

I usually do some housework or laundry. OH I forgot to tell you, I do part-time childcare in my home too. So I usually have one or two extra kids here on any given day Monday through Friday.  Usually all the extra kids are gone by the time my husband is home from work, or they will soon be gone. I fix a sit down dinner…or I don’t.

Around the kids’ bedtime you will probably find me doing some final cleaning in the kitchen …loading the dishwasher, washing the countertops.  Getting the kids settled in bed takes some time.

Afterwards, my husband and I then may be found at our computers again …about this time the 4 year old  can usually be counted on to be out of bed peeking around the corner with one eye looking my way while he asks some question he’s asked one too many times at bedtime by now.

Hubby and I then watch a movie together but since its so late we only watch about one-third or one-half of it and continue the next night. By the time I get to sleep its probably around midnight.   ~Now you know why I’m so tired in the morning 😉 .

Well, there’s a glimpse of a day in my life! You can wake up now 😉

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