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We’ve had quite a week, sort of…and its only Thursday.  My husband, Joel, took the week off from work because he needed a vacation and its been anything other than that. Of course I didn’t take the week off for vacation so I’ve been watching kids (that one of my work at home jobs) and working on reviews/giveaways  (my other work at home job -blogging).  However we did have one vacation day!

A little while back I had received an email  from a marketing representative inviting our family to visit  Geauga Lake’s Wild Water Kingdom!

To be honest, I had contacted a couple of  indoor- water parks earlier this year (winter time)  to see if we could get in “free” in exchange for my writing a review for them.  It looked like nothing was happening other than I did get a phone call from one of them asking me to explain the angle {he wasn’t familiar with mom blogging but was interested in learning more}. In the meantime…

The months rolled by, summer arrived, and I never heard back and occasionally the commercial on tv for Geauga Lake’s Wild Water Kingdom would come on and my 6 year old would ask “can we go there?”  I don’t think I’d ever been to that water park, which is true of almost all.  The only time I can remember being to a water park was with my husband and our oldest son when he was still a baby.

So you can imagine how excited we were to learn we’d been invited and I was extra amused to see that it was by the one water park my son kept asking to go to.  We were going to get to visit Geauga Lake’s Wild Water Kingdom in Aurora, Ohio (only about a one hour drive from Canton) for free and they were going to give us Beagle Bucks to use as money within the park…we also got free parking.

We visited the park on Tuesday. Did we like? Did we love it?  Is there something in it for you?

You’ll have to hang on, I’ll share more in another post. I just wanted to at least tell you a little about whats been going on!  And it doesn’t end there, we had another surprise (not a good one exactly) awaiting us back home.

(to be continued…)

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