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My blogs are hosted by MomWebs. Maybe you’ve never heard of them. And, you probably don’t care…unless you want to be online blogging or marketing and you need to find a host 😉 .

I once used the free WordPress Blog when I was just getting started blogging. This is a great way to get a feel for blogging and experimenting with your dashboard behind the scenes. However, I wanted to place affiliate links and maybe some paid ads on my blog and that was against the rules. If I didn’t want to risk losing my blog I needed to find a host.

I had already been listening to Kelly McCausey’s WAHM Talk Radio online and learning about how to earn income from home. She is one of the partners behind MomWebs. I had developed a trust in her brand since I was familiar with her.  Additionally, Mom Webs has very affordable options for hosting. I chose the $5 a month package since I only had one blog at the time. Later I added another blog and upgraded to another package. I know there are other hosts out there so let me tell you what I love about Mom Webs and why I stay.

  1. The customer service. Scott is the main person who answers my “email calls for help” {does that guy ever take the day off? }. It doesn’t take long for him to get back with me.  Then later MomWebs added a phone line to call and Kelly answered and helped me. I give them an A+++!
  2. MomWebs moved my blog from free WordPress to hosted WordPress and being the techy-challenged person that I am Scott would add the plugins that I wanted.
  3. Of course the price and the package options have to be right for me to stay with them too – and they have been.
  4. I can register and renew my domains through them and not worry about it myself.
  5. Kelly is the real deal, serious and personable. She has the Mom’s Mastermind’s network where work-at-home-mom’s can gather and network with each other. So I know she isn’t a “fly-by-night” thing. She also rally’s the troops to help take care of one another.  One example:  Around Christmas time in the past she’s done  WAHM Wishes where we all can share what we would like or  need to help us in business and then those who can (including Kelly) chip in money, products, expertise, etc  to fulfill those wishes do so.  I think my sister got a webcam for her computer one year and I got an hour of free coaching from Kelly which is exactly why I am a mom-blogger now,  a niche I’m happy with.

You don’t have to be a woman to use MomWebs! If you’re looking for affordable, helpful, reliable hosting- you’ll find it here.

*I’m writing this post to be entered in a contest to win some free hosting from MomWebs and besides that there are other goodies included 😉