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I’m writing this post because I can’t stand another child-suicide story without saying something. The obvious reason for so many of these seems to be rooted in “bullying”.  Now in Massachusetts (I think thats the state) there is an effort going on to get legislation passed to aid in protecting these kids, but I say, thats not enough.


Parent’s, its your responsibility to protect your child. This is not an accusation towards the parents whose children have died because of bullying. All parent’s should see these stories as a Wake Up Call.  A Call to Action.  Protecting our children starts at HOME.


Are you home? Can you be home? Do both of you have to work? Are you too busy? Are you connecting with your child or are you distant? Do you have a child who is at-risk right now? Should you pull your child out of public school?  By the way, there are many homeschooling options today from online at home public school to traditional homeschooling. Homeschooling can be done by you or someone else, depending on your state’s requirements.


Are you  holding onto something UNnecessary that is coming between you and whats best for your child? A job that is keeps you from home too much? You’re kids don’t need the latest new gadget or toy to be happy. They need you.


Are drugs, alcohol, gambling, porn, computer games, internet, Facebook, TV, etc, etc, taking control in your life?


I understand parent’s can’t always be home. I understand there are many single parent’s out there who have to work. But what I’m asking is- can you do better for your kids? At the end of the day can you say you’ve not only provided for your child’s physical needs but you’ve provided for their spiritual, emotional, and psychological needs too?


Maybe you feel like you don’t know how to be a good parent?  Are you trying? Are you looking for mentors, how about a bible study on parenting at a good bible believing church? Are you looking for good books to read up on “how to be a good parent”?


Do you have trustworthy support? Are you seeking it? Do you have a hard time making good, safe friends?  Are you letting bitterness, pride and old grudges keep you from making amends with your loving family?


Are You a relative or friend of a struggling parent? Should you, could you reach out and offer a helping hand to a single or struggling parent by watching the kids making sure their needs are met while mom or dad works?


I encourage you to watch this string of  short news videos related to bullying and suicide in children that has been in the news. The story starts off with the 10 yr old girl found hanging in her closet, after that story there will be a few more. Please hear them for yourself, get angry, and decide that this will not be the fate of your family. When it comes to our kids…


…the ball always starts off  in the parent’s court.


And sometimes, it ends in the yard of a Good Smaritan. Did you see what this man did to rescue an abducted 6 yr old girl?  Reported from the LA Times, October 6, 2010.


The world is a mess. And I know why. Sin.


God has a plan for your life but you have to receive His free gift of eternal life in order to have the abundant life He wants you to have. And I’m not talking about material goods and prosperity theology. Have you given your life to Christ. Take the Good Test here so you at least know the facts. Then decide for yourself if you’re ready to take that step to follow Christ.  Its the first step but I promise you, if you take it – you’re life will change.  *Would you like to stay in touch? Subscribe here so you don’t miss my next post.