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I don’t know about you but I really feel the burden of how I feed my picky- eating family.  One food item I can score a win on is with pancakes. My boys love them. I usually buy the Hungry Jack Complete or a wheat version of a complete mix (maybe the oatmeal version from Quaker too- but I’m not sure its “complete”.) I think all the “complete” versions I used only require water being added.

My secret ingredients? Milled flax seed (go look it up and see the health benefits for yourself) ….  And ground cinnamon (check that one out too).

Pancakes are “okay” with me – but they score on my list of favorite foods when I, in addition to the flax and cinnamon, throw in a generous portion of dark chocolate chips or chocolate chunks! I even like butterscotch chips and dark chocolate chips thrown in together. Note: I have tried the carob chips in place of regular dark or semisweet chocolate chips and it just didn’t taste the same.

  • Following the directions on the box or your favorite recipe,  I add a healthy heaping of the milled flax seed (I buy mine at Walmart – look in the baking aisle) to the dry ingredients and as much cinnamon as I desire (I use a good bit).
  • Mix your dry ingredients and then add the wet. If its too thick, just add more water. Throw in as many dark chocolate chips, etc. that you desire (chopped nuts might be good too).
  • I use a hot (about 350 degree) electric skillet. Then transfer the pancakes when done, to a wire rack to cool.

I’ll tell you, the dark chocolate chips really do it for me. I eat these by hand with NO butter or syrup! I wish my boys would eat them without the butter and syrup too.

What do you do to healthify the food you feed your picky-eaters? Leave a comment and share!

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