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When I read about this study guide/workbook by Doorposts, I knew I wanted it. The family who wrote the book, the Forster’s, wrote a biblical guide for families of boys and one for girls- a compilation of all they found in the bible that they wanted to be sure to teach to their children before they were full grown.

So, I did what any unashamed review blogger would do, right? I asked for it in exchange for doing a review. I’m so glad they said yes! I just love this piece of work. You can browse through the chapters on various godly traits we as Christian parent’s want to instill in our kids. The Forster’s break down assignments to help teach these characteristics into at least 3 categories based on the maturity of your son (I’m just reviewing the book for boys- if you’d like to see the book for girls its called Polished Cornerstones).

I haven’t started to dig into the work with my own son yet, but that isn’t what this review is about. Our children learn over time with consistent teaching and nurturing and even if we started last month it won’t be “this” book that brings change. This book is only a “tool”. God is the agent of change and I want my son to be a godly young man- one after God’s own heart.

If you get this book, be sure, be sure, be sure! to read the beginning instruction to you, the parent. Its very important. Don’t blow over it.

A few things about the book:

More than 480 pages. Includes blank worksheets (though you can buy the resource cd also to make copies from it).

Main Topics on Virtue, Knowledge, Temperence, Patience, Godliness, Brotherly Kindness and Charity.

Within those Main Topics are sub-categories on such things as Leadership, self-control, doctine, scriptural manhood,  relationships and SO much more.

This book is written to cover childhood through adulthood (ends on “loving a wife”) and to be kept and used for son’s sons.

Oh, there’s so much more to say! Just check out their website, I’m looking forward to using it with my sons 😉