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*Not a  super post today, just sharing some household tips.

I’m not extremely green when it comes to cleaning- I do use bleach and some other chemicals. However, I like to use “green” options as I find they work for me since its just plain healthier. Here are some ways to cut back on your “chemical” use  by using two of my favorite “green” products: Baking Soda and Vinegar.

Use Baking Soda …

  • and some dishsoap to scour your sink clean.
  • to scour pans instead of buying steel pads.
  • to wash crayon marks off your wall (test first).
  • to scour out the microwave and countertops (rinse well!).
  • to scour off the ground in dirt on your refrigerator door handle.

White Vinegar…

  • in the dishwasher to cut down on hard water residue. I literally take the jug and throw in some vinegar. We have hard water and I definitely see a difference. Vinegar is cheaper than this other agent I was buying.
  • to clean your coffee maker.
  • to soften clothes in the washer. I don’t do this, but I’ve heard about it.
  • to cut down on hard water residue on your fawcets, etc.. I’ve actually washed my coffee maker with vinegar and then poured the hot vinegar over my fawcet parts.

What do you use baking soda and vinegar for in your home? Are these products excellent for anything else that I’d benefit from knowing about?