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If I haven’t told you yet, I’ll say it now…my family is very blessed to be a part of a bible believing, disciple making church!

In a time where many churches are not feeding their flocks the Word of God like they ought- we are fed a full spiritual meal on a regular basis. I know not all my readers probably care about that, but I’m sure some of you do.

For those of you who do, I’m planning to start sharing at least a small post with a short summary about our Sunday morning messages with a link to my churches’ FREE mp3 page which also offers free study sheets that you can download for your own study. Our pastors regularly give us study sheets at church so we have the information to go home with and study on our own. No part of the bible is of private interpretation, so says II Peter 1:20 and our Pastors have nothing to hide. We are encouraged to go home and do like the Bereans did- “search the scriptures daily, whether those things were so”…Acts 17:11.

If you have a true hunger and thirst to know God personally or to understand the bible then these posts are for you!  But first you might want to know a few things about out church.

  • About the FBCJ family.
  • Our History.
  • What we believe.

For now I’ll title these posts as my Sunday Morning Review and maybe add a keyword in the title that reflects what the message was about. I plan to post these on Sunday afternoons so they go out in the Monday morning email newsletter. You can subscribe here if you’d like to get it delivered to your email inbox.

Again, I know these posts won’t be of interest to all of you- they are meant for the few who really will benefit from them. I’d love to receive some feedback eventually from those of you who are getting something out of them 😉  All future posts will be under this link: Sunday Morning Reviews.