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Okay so, at the end of my 3rd weekly update I was over budget. But thats okay, this is all a work in progress, right?

Trying to find out how low I can go -not because I’m trying to be “cheap”- but to keep or expenses down is the challenge. Part of my challenge is to get the most I can  from by utilizing all or as many of the money saving ways available to me: sales, coupons, rebates, etc..

January 23rd (Monday):

  • Walmart: Spent aprx $12.00 (photo pages for son’s homeschool book, 2 boxes of ziplock bags, bagels, 2 bags of cheese, spaghetti sauce, Italian grain bread- used coupons and the bread was from the bakery/reduced price).

January 25th (Tuesday):

  • Bueher’s: Milk .79cents per half gallon ($3.16 for 2.5 gallons total), about 3 #s of onions (.99 cents), grapes ($1.99/#- not a super deal).

Total spent: $9.66

January 26th (Wednesday):

  • Walgreens: 7 boxes of 110ct Kleenex (used 2 coupons and received a $2 Register Reward to use at next trip) spent out of pocket $5.60 (but remember I have that $2 coupon to use yet). Also bought  3 half off Sunday newspapers (for the coupons) for $2.25.

Total spent:  $7.85

  • Giant Eagle: I did 2 separate transactions at the Self-Checkout.

(#1) 10 cans of Contadina tomato sauce & puree for $1 each AND received a $3 off coupon to use on next order.

(#2)  Bought 2 jars of Smart Balance Peanut Butter (w/ .75cent coupons that doubled to $1.50 off each) $1.49 each,  1 box of Land O’Lakes margarine $1 on sale (and used a .35 cent coupon that doubled to .70 cents off)- after coupon was .30 cents,  1 bottle of Kraft Sandwich Shop Mayo on sale and after coupon cost .50 cents. THEN I used my $3 off coupon from the transaction #1 and my #2 transaction cost  .77 cents!

Total spent: $10.77

January 29th (Saturday):

Rite Aid: The toilet paper was FREE (except for .12 tax) with the $2 Up Reward coupon at Rite Aid. I had to use that coupon by today and it was from the Stayfree deal earlier this month.

My goal was to keep our grocery/household budget spending to $35/week average (for our family of 4 plus pets). That meant I had $140 total allowed for January.

Total Spent (aprx) :

Week 1 ….  $74

plus found a receipt I missed ;(  for aprx $14.00

Week 2 ….  $41

Week 3 ….  $66

Week 4 ….  $40

Total: $ 235 (over budget by $95)

Summary: Well, I didn’t stick to a $35/week- average budget. (Click those blue links for each week to see what I was buying). My average per week was like $58.75 but that included not just our food, but pet food, toilet paper, toothpaste, and other household/hygiene items. AND I was able to stockpile some of those items so that I won’t have to buy them for awhile.

Well, here’s hoping February looks better 😉  If you want to be sure not to miss my updates on this experiment you can subscribe here to have them delivered to you by email.  {Giveaways coming up soon too!}

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