Off-grid pantry planner

As a gardening newby, I’m joining the Homeschool Village’s Garden Challenge this year.

The boys and I have started an “herb” garden, the indoor type. Seeing that I’m pretty good at ruining a beautiful houseplant (the only “live” one I owned in the house)- I truly hope to be much more successful with my “food” plants.

Besides the indoor herb garden, I plan to pursue planting lettuce and tomatoes from seeds. I have the little dirt pods and greenhouse already, just waiting for me to plant the seeds. My boys also picked out flowers they want to plant from seeds so we’ll try some of that too.

My hope is to supply our own lettuce and I’m thinking I will turn the tomatoes into spaghetti sauce. I’ve already switched to making my own homemade sauce – and it tastes great. I’m intimidated about starting from total scratch but am wiling to give it a try. Plus I like tomatoes in salad and on some sandwiches. But, in my home, I’m the only one who likes it beyond “sauce”.

My dilemma is that I live practically in the city and my backyard is littered with acorns and shade. My front yard gets scorched by the sun! I’m thinking my garden will consist of planters on the front porch.

In addition to the edible plants, I have an insect eating Fly Trap plant for us to grow for fun.

Do you have any tips for this almost-city dwellin’ gardening newbie? Please share in the comment section 😉

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