Off-grid pantry planner

For some time now I’ve been keeping my eyes open for nice looking magazine holders.  However, the nice ones I’ve been looking at cost $7 and $9- not worth it in my opinion. I think they are made out of some kind of stiff cardboard material.

As for the cheap plastic kind? Well, they are just so … cheap looking and I’m not sure how long they’d last. They aren’t all that appealing to look at either.

Last night on our way back home from a mini-vacation in Columbus, Ohio we stopped at Walmart to buy a few things for home. I decided to walk through the office supply aisle and spotted two or three nice empty cardboard boxes shaped like extra large magazine holders. I picked out  two of them,  found an employee nearby and asked if I could have them. She said yes, they were destined to be thrown out anyhow.

If I really wanted to I could decorate these with stickers, contact paper, or paint.  But I don’t know. Knowing they were free makes them just fine for now 😉

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