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I am a Purex Insider but I was a Purex user long before that. In fact, I especially liked the powdered Purex.  I have found, in my experience, that Purex is among some of the most affordable laundry detergent and I love it when I can find it on sale AND stack a coupon on top!

In the last month or so there have been some really nice Purex coupons in the paper and some good sales at certain stores.

Did you know that Target allows you to stack a manufacturer coupon on top of using their “Target” brand coupon?

I was at Target recently hoping to do just that but they were out of the Purex Complete Softener Crystals. When I asked the clerk working in an aisle nearby about their stock of Purex Crystals, she confessed she was also waiting for more to come in for herself as well – and that more would probably be in soon.

I  love the scent of the Purex Crystals and they are so convenient to just throw in during your wash cycle. No softener sheet to toss afterward.

What I love about the Purex 3 in 1 is how efficient it is to toss one sheet in the wash and then it transfers right into the dryer to work as a softener. I’ve noticed that the sheet still smells so wonderful –AFTER I’ve used in in the washer and dryer that I’ve put that sheet into a drawer or closet to add a fresh scent. I think the 3 in 1 is pricey for my family, but this would be a great option for a busy person, a college student, or perhaps a single person.

Price is definitely a high priority for our family, but that doesn’t mean I buy the cheapest because its the cheapest. When it comes to laundry products for your home, do you buy primarily on price or brand?

*I wrote this post on my own accord. I was not asked to do this, nor was I compensated to do so.