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Saturday night we enjoyed ourselves at the Monster Truck Nationals which took place at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio. It was a long drive for us but we made plans to make a short weekend vacation out of it.

My favorite trucks were Chalkboard Chuck and Samson, but I took pictures of several of the trucks and tried repeatedly to snap the perfect picture. {Obviously my perfect pics are a bit fuzzy.}

In addition to the big-honking Monster Trucks we also got  to see some daring and dangerous motorcycle stunts!

I knew that there were 7 other bloggers, besides myself, who were working on the promotional end of this event but I was never told if we would all be sitting together. It just so happens we got seats right next to one of them. Its always fun to hit it off with other bloggers at events like this.

This isn’t all we did in Columbus this past weekend. I’ll share about our visit to Cosi and talk about their current time limited exhibits, where we stayed and where we ate.

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Family fun in Columbus, Ohio
Meandering Matt and his wife Sarah!

*I received our Monster Truck tickets free for doing before-show promotional posts and  an after-show review for the Family Guide Network.