Off-grid pantry planner

I’ve been planning (for months it seems) to do a short series on Organizing Small Spaces and with Old Things! My home is less than 1200 square feet- actually I think it might be on the books as being 1128 square feet. I do alot from home- I provide part-time childcare for others, I have a blog business, and I homeschool! I have “stuff” I tell you- lots of “stuff”. (You know like books and paper and kids’ toys and dirty clothes and…)

I’m going to share some of my organizing tips with you and I want YOU to share yours with me.

I’m doing the Linky-thing for the first time here at Hall of Fame Moms so if you have a blog post you’ve written about Organizing- small or large places in your home,office,etc… please share that post with us starting Wednesday, May 11th!

Link up dates for this series are the following 3 Wednesdays

May 11th, 18th, and 25th

  • If you don’t blog but have a tip to share, please share it in the comment section. I will read them all!

For now, if you have a blog and are planning to link up your tips, wisdom and secrets on Organizing during this series I’d like you to introduce yourself by linking up your blog below today! (I plan to keep this link up/introduction open for several days unless I run into spam problems).

For today,  you can link up any post from your blog so we can all get to know each other. Everything must be FAMILY-FRIENDLY 😉