Off-grid pantry planner

Old book shelf and pretty baskets for kitchen storage.

Last week I shared some pics of where I use I small hooks like the kind by 3M. They adhere to your wall or door surface. The ones I use can hold about 6 pounds I think. You can see that post here.

Today I’m sharing some of the ways I organize and store things using baskets and some stand up filing stands.


I use an old book shelf. I have another one similar to this I use for homeschool supplies. One of them I bought at a second hand children’s store. I use baskets to hold my extra pot holders, various snacks, disposable cups and the big basket holds cat food.


I have a wall oven with a wide open cupboard above and below. I have two of the Pampered Chef stoneware racks (wooden) that I use to organize my pans and other things. I really like this option verses just stacking everything.

Pampered Chef organizers for pans and stoneware.Organizing stoneware and pans.

I plan to share more next week. I don’t want to make this post too long. Now if you have a tip to share, please link up your post or leave a comment!