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Well I’m certainly getting to this post late. Its almost 10pm Tuesday night. We had some stormy weather this evening and I unplugged the computers and forgot about this post.  Glad I remembered before I went to bed!

I’ve actually done some posts in the past about organizing or decorating with old things- things I’ve given new purpose too. I want to link to them in this post today and show you something “new” I’ve used. I’ve also been busy cleaning, purging, and organizing my office/homeschool room but I won’t show you that yet. I may save that for a future post.

Giving old things a new “organizational” purpose.

Now for something “new”.

Since I’m holding off on showing you anything “homeschool” related for now I just have one “new” thing to show you.  {If I told you last week I’d show, I’m sorry for not keeping my word. I’m not ready to do an adequate post on it tonight.}

I found these brand new, nifty drawer organizers marked down to a really attractive price at Lowe’s, I think it was. There was only like 3 left and I think I grabbed them all. I’m using them in my sock and underwear drawers. I’ve been using them for a couple months or so now. I like them! I think they were about $15-16 each marked down to about $4. I would not have paid anything close to $15 for one of them. But I did buy at least 3 of them for about $13 total!

Now go ahead and link up your post about organizing below! This is the last week.


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