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Do you live in Ohio?

Would you like to win a FREE trip for 2 to Miami Beach?

This contest is almost OVER and there were NO entries as of the other day- which means…


And do you know how simple entering is? Well here it is…

Take your little camera and use the video setting on it and make a 30 second video showing off some of you favorite features of any Chevy- it can be…

  • a toy Chevy (like Hot Wheels, Matchbox, whatever brand)
  • it can be a Chevy at your local dealership
  • it can be YOUR Chevy
  • or your friends Chevy
  • print out a picture of a Chevy and use it!

Yes, you do NOT need to own a Chevy

to enter and win in this contest 🙂 !

Now what are you waiting for-?

Go enter this contest and win a trip for 2 to Miami Beach

or I might have to win it instead!

Visit the Gotta Love Chevy NEO Facebook page for details on where to upload your 30 second video! (NEO is North East Ohio.)