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In May I accepted a new role as the Homeschooling Contributing Writer at the Prime Parent’s Club. Its a website devoted to parent’s in their prime 35 yrs of age and over.

June will be my first month writing over there and I plan to write for them twice a month. Now, that doesn’t mean anything here at Hall of Fame Mom’s will be changing. I’m not planning on going anywhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

The Prime Parent’s Club has several Regular Contributing Writers and I’m just one of two newly added. The Prime Parent’s Club is written by and for men and women parenting in their prime.

And- they are looking for more Writers for the following categories: Organic food/cooking, green/eco-friendly topics, career, finance, health, beauty, a “How To” guy or galย  (any/all topics) also.ย  If you’re interested contact Jackie Wilson at the

And I hope I see you over there too, come visit!