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Okay, I’m certainly aware that Greek Yogurt exists but I’ve been reluctant to try it. By the way, what is Greek yogurt exactly?

If I were to try it-  it would be for the good things I’ve heard or read about it such as lower calories and health benefits.  I really would like to try it.

Do you eat Greek Yogurt, and if so, what are your thoughts? Does it taste good?

My two reasons for not buying it yet would be price and being unsure if I’d like the taste. I often do eat yogurt – usually vanilla and sometimes with some fresh fruit added. And I do care about eating yogurt for good health. I do NOT like all the sugar in it- which is a BIG reason I’d like to try Greek Yogurt.

Back to price though. Being the BIG coupon user I am I would definitely be looking for Greek yogurt coupons to use. What are your thoughts on the price difference between regular yogurt and Greek Yogurt? Do the health benefits outweigh the extra cost? And- do you use coupons?