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Last night my husband and I watched Ben Stein’s “Expelled” (2008)- I borrowed it from the library. I had heard good things about it (probably from my Christian friends). My husband said the reviews he read were negative (perhaps from those who refuse God?).

In simple terms the documentary is about the apparent lack of freedom in the USA to follow scientific evidence down the path that recognizes the theory that “intelligent design” could be at work.

In other words, there seems to be a conspiracy by the powers-that-be of various institutions to keep the idea that there could even be a chance that someone like, oh- say… God might really exist. If we can deny His existence by “proving” life happened by chance and not by will its easier to live life without regard to facing the Great Judge one day.

I didn’t get the idea that Ben Stein was trying to defend a Creationist Theory, but rather to show that there is a suppression of  honest and free scientific thinking in the American realm of science If and When it leads to the idea of there being an “intelligent design” -er.

I really think the bottom line is about the possibility of God existing and science appears to be the path to disprove God’s existence. How convenient. If science can disprove God, then there is no heaven or hell.  Death is just the end.

I think Ben Stein and his people did a great job of presenting an open-minded approach to this subject. I also love that he brought out the Hitler-Darwin connection and used the Berlin Wall as a picture of the wall that science some people put up to try to stop the “intelligent design” theory.

Regardless of what side of the fence you sit on, atheist or Christian, Darwin follower or Jesus follower…we can set aside our bias/beliefs and look at the evidence and let IT speak for itself.

Personally, I see the similarities  in the design of various species as the signature of one Creator. I think its a crazy-man’s notion to believe the universe just exploded into existence and then every complicated living being evolved from one cell and became different “things” over time.

Like, “Boom!” and then there was a planet?  Something from nothing? How can that be any more plausible than the idea that God exists and spoke the worlds into existence?

The bible actually describes scientific occurrences before Darwin was ever born.

Don’t fool yourself, it takes faith to believe in Darwin evolution because it is an UNproven theory. If the idea that God or some source of  ” intelligent design” can only be seen as a  “religious” idea (therefore apparently unqualified)  by the American scientific community, then its only fair to assume Evolution is a religion too.

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